Viewing Grades from the Home Tab

Purpose Statement
This work instruction provides detailed instructions on one of two ways to view grades in Blackboard. This work instruction assumes that the user is logged in to Blackboard and on the Home tab.

  1. From the Tools widget on the left side of the page, click the My Grades link.

  2. The My Grades page displays.

  3. Click the Course Name link, in the right column, to view the grades for that course. The grades for the selected course display to the right.

  4. To view additional details about each grade, click the grade number under each assignment.

    The View Attempts page displays.

    For Written Assignments/Dropbox Assignments and Discussions, the instructor’s feedback, score, and any attached files display on this screen. For Quizzes, Test, and Exams with essay questions, students must click the numerical score (from the Grade Details page) to view feedback on essay questions.

  5. To exit the My Grades screen, click the Home tab.