Responding to a Discussion

Purpose Statement
The purpose of this document is to walk an instructor through the process of responding or creating their own thread in a Discussion in Blackboard.

  1. The first step is to access the Discussion. Starting at the Home Page from within the course, Access the Discussion tab from the Main Course Menu. This is located on the left hand side of the screen. Click on “Discussion” Tab in order to enter.

  2. The following picture represents a view of the Discussion Area. All Discussions in a course can be seen from this view. In this example we only have one discussion.

  3. When you Mouse Over, or place your mouse, on the discussion, you can click on it to enter the actual discussion threads.

  4. In order to create your own thread, or response, the original discussion question, Click on the “Create Thread” button highlighted below.

  5. Once you have opened the View User Activity shown below, you will find (2) key areas:

    1. The Subject area is where you would place a titled for your response.
    2. The Message area is where you would type the text for your for posting to the forum.

    • When responding to discussions there may be times that files (images, documents, etc.) must be attached to the post. To do this, click the Paper Clip icon in the Visual Editor toolbar.
      • If the Paper Clip icon is not visible, click the Show More icon.
    • As with most technology, Blackboard can fail. To ensure that posts are constantly saved, click the Save Draft button. This will save your work in case of Blackboard issues.

  6. Once you have composed your response, do not forget to hit the “Submit” button in the upper or lower right hand corners of this view in order to save and make your work visible.